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CREED on Guinness Arthur's Day

The Tickets. Eva Tarida pict

Ouu yeah!
after the excitement I had on Guinness #ArthursDay in Surabaya last year with Mr. Big on stage, I have no other choice but join this year's #ArthursDay. Plus, with the clear fact that CREED will perform!! :D
Well, I like Creed, even tho I'm not too familiar with their songs beside "My Sacrifice" "One Last Breath" "With Arms Wide Open" "Are You ready" and some of them.. But, I know tat Scott Stapp really is blessed with great voice! And together with Mark Tremonti they could be called as the Creed's soul as a matter of fact.

Enough about the history of them, you can just find it in Wikipedia, etc :D

Well, I bought the ticket via, one trusted website to buy some concert tickets online. After that, of course right on Wednesday, Oct 31st, 2012, when everybody around the world is celebrating the Halloween, nut my bf and I prepared ourselves for CREED that night!!

Oct 31st, 2012
Eva and Creed Photo Corner. Eva Tarida Pict

Me and my bf arrived a bit late at the venue, Grand City, Surabaya. Because of our working time, etc :D And to my surprise, because I didn't check the details of tonight's concert, the opening stage was /RIF!!!!! dear Lord! Just when last year, I wish it was /RIF who did the opening stage, but this year, Guinness brought /RIF to Surabaya!!!
/RIF, is one of my fave rock-band in Indonesia. Their song, and of course Andy's performance always got my eyes! :)

/RIF Performance as the Opening Act! Eva Tarida Pict

Andy /RIF. Eva Tarida pict

It's just so exciting! Like we paid one and got 2 concert! /RIF and Creed!!! :D I can just said that tonight's gonna be a great night!! XD

Then after several song from /RIF, closed by Loe Toe Ya mixed with No Woman No Cry, we waited for Creed for about 15minutes.

And then, suddenly black out on stage, and some spotlights came out of the stage and almost blinded us all, and then the bang of guitar strumming and drum echoed on the room and everybody cheered!! CREEDDD!!!!

CREED! Scott and Mark. Eva Tarida Pict
CREED! Mark Tremonti. Eva Tarida Pict

CREED on Stage. Eva Tarida pict
CREED! Mark Tremonti. Eva Tarida pict
As I stated before, I enjoyed their performance a lot, but not too familiar with their song. My BF, in other hand, can sang along almost all the 12-15 songs from Creed that night!! :)

CREED on Stage! Scott Stapp. Eva Tarida pict

CREED on Stage! Scott Stapp. Eva Tarida pict

They said goodbye after the 12th or 13th songs. But we all cheered "We want more" "we want more".. And they came out sang "One Last Breath". That was one of their super popular song in Indonesia.

CREED on Stage! Eva Tarida pict

And after One Last Breath, they continued it with "My Sacrifice"!! I can say that my Sacrifice is way mooore popular, then all the audiences are sang and shouted along with Scott super prima voice!
Really, 3 hours singing, and his voice is still on his best!! :) Not to mention some 'rocker shout' and individual performances on stage!! Oh brother!!! :D

CREED on Stage! Eva Tarida pict

Thanks so much Guinness Arthur's Day! Wish next year they will bring another awesome band!! :D

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