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MR. BIG #ArthursDay

Eva Tarida on Guinness Mr. Big Arthursday - Stage. Eva Tarida image
After Firehouse concert has done last year, I am heading to Mr. Big concert :D
Read an update on the twitter, me and my friend, San-san suddenly connected each other and contacted each other that Mr. Big would held a concert in Surabaya!  Followed the updates from @Guinnessid , San-san checked the to booked the pre-sale ticket. There, we got the tickets! My two sisters also joined along to watched the concert.

Anyway, this concert held in 60 countries, Indonesia in one of them, and they chose 4 big cities: Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, Makassar. This is to commemorate the Arthur Guinness - The founder of Guinness - day.

For short, on Dec 7th, 2011
I asked my boss to left the office earlier. Then I drove back home, got prepared and went to Grand City with my sister to met another friends there. Oh, btw, San-san cancelled her presence due to work matter. So then I overhanded the ticket to another friend. He paid of course :)
There was a very long line of queue. It wasn't just a line, but two very long lines. While we were queuing, one of the committee said that we could directly came in to the concert hall from the mall. So, Half of us went up to the mall and had a queue there.The security check was very strict. But that's very oke with me :) Plus, they didn't allow anyone to smoke during the concert! GREAT! :)

Eva Tarida on Guinness Mr. Big Arthursday -Photo Booth. Eva Tarida Image

Eva Tarida on Guinness Mr. Big Arthursday -Venue. Eva Tarida Image

We got a cool rubber bracelet that contained with ID. We have to registered first, then we could took a photo at the photo booth they had. What fun was that the photo could automatically shared on our facebook (registered ones) and would be shown in big screen later. Well, I saw my pict on the big screen several times :D And if we post a tweet using the #ArthursDay hashtag, it'd also shown in the big screen's running text. Saw mine also :D That happened all the way during the show. Plus, if we showed that bracelet, we could got a free one slim can Guinness beer :)

Aaahh.. They also sell the limited edition signed Mr. Big latest original CD. I really wanted to bought it. But, I ran out of money, and not much time to ran down the stairs to withdrew some money from ATM.. HIX. I REGRET THIS SO MUCH!!! :(

Eva Tarida on Guinness Mr. Big Arthursday -Registration. Eva Tarida Image
At first, I thought we'd also have /RIF as the opening act. As I read on @Guinnessid twitter timeline, in Medan, Mr. Big concert was opened by /RIF. I am actually one of /RIF big fans :D. But different city, different surprise! The committee brought us NETRAL!! The crowd was going crazy with Netral rock show! They sang several songs, and ended with the famous nationality-breathed song 'Garuda di Dadaku"

MR. BIG #ArthursDay THE SHOW
After Netral finished their performance the crowd went crazier! We yelled MR. BIG!! MR. BIG!! MR. BIG!! MR. BIG!!. Then, the light went off, Eric Martin (vokal), Paul Gilbert (gitar), Billy Sheehan (bass), dan Pat Torpey (drum) came out and had a check sound. Note: This was also one big reason why people really attracted to came in to MR. BIG concert! They came with the first full team.. AAAAAAAAHHH!!!
Their preparation was a bit long there, but we could enjoyed the video they played on big screen shown the other concert they've done. I saw Westlife, and a bit regretting my self for not attending their concert..

Then, suddenly the lights went ON and MR. BIG is THERE!! They smashed us with "Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy"!! Who doesn't know this song, brothers and sisters?? We sang all along! It was AMAZING!! They had the atmosphere!!
You know what, to watch them live and witnessed the super SOLO SKILLS Performance by Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan was just like magic!!!! Paul did around 2 or 3 times solo skill performances. He played like on the way to orgasm! and stopped when he already on 'peak'!! And what the crowd did? We couldn't do anything but surprised, gazed and stared with amazed feeling!! Oh My GOODNESS!!!
And don't forget about Billy! He tapped that bass just like ukulele! Very easy for him! Amazing! And we also got a battle by Paul and Billy on stage!

We cheered all the way there. The tempo in the concert hall was so dynamic. They rocked us and then soothed us with the super songs list. They also greeted us several time with Indonesian language, and replaced 'Thank you" with 'Terima kasih' :) :)
With thousands of tickets sold out, I believe you could imagine how the crowd was! CRAZY!

After several songs, Mr. Big gave us minutes to break. And of course they drank that Guinness beers :D. They acted like the concert has done. But of course we cried for MORE MORE MORE and MOOOOREEE!!! Eric grabbed the mike, paul played the intro, aaaaaand.. 'Hold On Little Girl, show me what he's done to you..." TO BE WITH YOU LIVE ON STAGE!!!!!. And not just stopped right there, they put also WILD WORLD together in a row!!
These two ballads songs, as we all know, were superb!

Finish? uh-huh! Do not underestimate this concert, lads! They suddenly switched the role! Eric to guitar, Paul to Drum, Pat to Bass, and Billy grabbed the mic! New formation!! Super surprised! But they keep surprising us again to let us shocked by switching the role again, and now Pat lead the vocal, everybody!!!!
Eva Tarida on Guinness Mr. Big Arthursday -Ticket. Eva Tarida Image

And before they really left the stage, they gave us some words, and Billy said, "It's glad to eventually come back to Surabaya." :) 

Thanks @Guinnessid for brought us the #ArthursDay celebration

The Song List:
Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy
Green Tinted Sixties Mind
Just Take My Heart
Promise Her the Moon
Addicted to That Rush
To be With You
Wild World
Smoke On the Water
Shy Boy

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