Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas has Passed, New Year is Sneaking

Not like the other years, this Christmas seemed to be meaning-less. This 2011's Christmas became just another National Holiday. Which actually didn't feel like one because the Dec 25th fell right on SUNDAY. The day when we all having day off! With or without National Holiday.
This wasn't also my first Christmas since working. I've passed once. So don't know why the atmosphere of Christmas seemed just faded away.

Didn't like the other Christmas we've, okay I've been through before 2011. The previous Christmas were delightful. Lotsa fun, been deary waited since months before, and other expressions of joy and happiness on Christmas day.
But, like it or not, the Christmas day has passed almost a week ago. With not so many mark left inside this heart. And before we, or I even realize what is it, or how could it happened, the New Year's already sneaking on the edge. Waiting to be celebrated!

Just writing here.
have a joyful day, then.

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