Friday, December 09, 2011

The Damned United

This post is just a teaser. 
Me and my boyfriend are football maniacs. We love watching football/soccer, the games, the players, the analysis, the rumors, the news, the movie about it, etc.

Well, beside GOAL, GOAL 2, GOAL 3, and Green Street Hooligan, there is also one good Football movie, entitled: The Damned United. NOT Manchester United, but Leeds United. I don't like MU by the way. The only thing I like on MU is David Beckham. Period. 

Okay, back to The Damned United. My boyfriend and I searched for this movie all the way. I surfed also in the internet, but all I got was "Sorry, Sold out" :( But then, for the sake of big curiosity and desire-fullfilness, I surfed more and more, and I found this website. Ahahahaa.. Yeah! Thanks GOD!

Exactly on Dec 7th, 2011, the DVD arrived safely at home. I watched it for around 30 minutes only. I was just got back from watching the Mr. Big concert :p so, i was too tired to watched it full.
The first 30 minutes was amazing. Please wait a while so that I can post the full review and opinion :D

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