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Who doesn't familiar with the word ZODIAC? At least, I am familiar with it.
There are 12 zodiac signs that we barely know this far.

12 Zodiac Sign. Source.
As listed there, I am one of those Aquarians around the world :D Summarizing from several source, here I found about Aquarians;

AQUARIUS - Image source. Eva Tarida blog
Witty. Honest. Clever. Humanitarian. Inventive. Original. Independent. Successful. Verbal intellectual. Firm in Opinion. Creative and smart.

Stubborn. Unemotional. Sarcastic (it could be a strength too tho). Rebellious. Aloof. Paradox (e.g: Happy to be alone, but dislikes loneliness). Emotionally detached.


Fighting for causes. Dreaming and planning for future. Thinking of the past. Good companions. Having fun (who doesn't btw?).

Full of air promises. Excessive loneliness. The Ordinary. Imitations. Idealistic. Lies

AQUARIUS GOOD. Source. Eva Tarida Blog
INDEPENDENT is one that very clear explaining about Aquarians.  If anyone or anything try to hold them down or restrict them, it'll cause them to flee. Aquarians have a basic need to be free on their own. It's an essential to their well being.

PARADOX. This word explained how Aquarians are very hard to understood. Some sources may say that if you think you understand an Aquarian, that because they let you know those parts. But beside that, an aquarian is a kind hearted friend that will go out of their way to help another. The best thing is, Aquarians never expect a return after all those good things they've done. It's naturally. They always asking "why" until to their own existence, and their needs to be recognized, but you'll never see it on a surface of an Aquarian, and it won;t bother an Aquarian, because they really realize that they're unique and special, and rather to be an individual than conform to a group.
To have a friend with an Aquarius, you may surprise every each meeting :)

AQUARIUS BAD. Source. Eva Tarida Blog

EMOTIONALLY DETACHED. It's simply because Aquarians have a fear of losing their independence. A bit of Individualistic, but well.. Aquarians love to keep the distance. So, If an Aquarian getting really close and involve to you, be happy! 'Cause they soberly choose you among everyone else! Once an Aquarian fall in love, or mentally connected to their partner, they're forever loyal. Unless you give Aquarians no other option but leaving. They are not simply unemotional, but more as an intellect driven rather than emotional driven. Thus, every emotion would be taken as a personal and combined with their ideas.

REBEL is one of Aquarians way to say that they're having their own way of living. Thus come those stubbornness which sometimes can causes them failure. This stone-head habit will make an Aquarian keep doing things on their way even though others have proved it wrong. And as a smart person, an Aquarian can easily poke fun on others look dull or inferior. To let them down, sometimes make a personal fun to an Aquarian. It's not an Aquarian fault to be smarter, but the in-sensitiveness could cause any problem then.
But, even though Aquarians are stubborn and very fixed in opinion, they will never ever impose their ideas to others. Aquarians respect everybody's differences.

CONCLUSION: Try never to understand an Aquarian. They're forever paradox, but really honest. They'll find another way out from the crowd and make their own way. they will listen from several clusters, and build a new formula. They can deal with any kind of personalities because they 'live and let live' and very respecting other's differences. They'll never intentionally hurt anyone, but will without no doubt pick the weak one to shower them with verbal exercises.

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