Saturday, December 24, 2011

Eva Quote

"When your closest person get mad at you, and able to SHOW you the reason(s), be wise! Lucky to still have a closest person - Twitter Dec 24th

"If you wanna do a comparison, you have to make it "apple to apple" - twitter Dec 24th

"Berproses pelan-pelan itu tidak sama dengan TIDAK berusaha, lho" -Twitter Dec 23rd

" #ThingsYouShouldNOTdo cheat on the one who always be there for you in all ups and downs, and take her love for granted" -twitter Dec 23rd

# ThingsYouShouldNOTdo listen to that Adele songs when you are broken hearted. It'll bring you to death faster." -twitter Dec 23rd

"I know it just like I can see it on my nails. But somehow, the feeling of recognize it and get no apologize at all is horrible" -twitter Dec 23rd in reply to @echaanes

"Never Lie or Hide something from me! because I'll always know! Your choice is to keep that Lie, or start confessing and APOLOGIZE" -twitter Dec 23rd

"A Lie is a lie. Always. You confess? It's a great step! Apologize? Even better. but no matter what, STILL a Lie." -twitter Dec 23rd

"Well dear, you are very good at lie. It's like BREATHING for you. Go on you greedy ma!1 When the food runs out, you'll die!" -twitter Dec 23rd. inspired by NINE Movie.

"Perhaps it's too many whys in this world to be answered by because(s) - twitter Dec 20th

"No matter what your purpose is, your background is, but doing harm on yourself and cause death never be a good one for me. Ever." twitter Dec 11th.

"Dear Santa, I know it's kinda impossible to ask for World Peace. please find my revised Christmas wish: 'Everybody Loves Everybody'." -twitter Dec 10th

"kita sudah hati-hati tapi masih 'ditabrak'. Berarti masalah nggak akan pandang bulu. Tugas kita untuk mencegah semampunya." -twitter Dec 9th.

"When you think no one is care for you anymore, look around. Still found no one? then look inside yourself. Perhaps you cause this matter." -Twitter Dec 4th.

"If Push-Up bra is like a bag of chips: Half Empty. So what do you call a Double Push-Up bra? A Bullshit bag of Chips? LOL." -Twitter Dec 2nd

"If you think you can not do those great things, easy, just be a nice person." -Twitter Dec 2nd.

"How could you say 'i know how it feels' when you definitely never walk in my shoes? STFU!." -Twitter nov 29th.


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