Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love. Image by: Eva Tarida. Eva Tarida Blog

 Unconditional Love. This term is very well known IMO. Clearly that the "unconditional" word already explained that there'll be no terms and condition follow along that "Love" word. Which means, to love unconditionally. To love without any of whys, whens, and because. To love with 'even though". Which I believe no man could ever done that. No man. I repeat Not-Any-Single-person could!.
Disagree? Well, that's fine. We have the right to have opinions (as long as we express them wisely and in order). Everybody has the right to agree, disagree, and doesn't care.

I surfed once on the internet, and found a blog. There she (the writer of the blog is female) also wrote about this unconditional love. And put herself as the one who loves her boyfriend (well now, ex-boyfriend) unconditionally. And to strengthen her writings and opinion, she put that Bruno mars' Just The Way You Are song at the end. And she gave examples like: she wasn't able to cook, but one time she woke up very early, went to the market, bought some ingredients and started to cook for her boyfriend. At last,she said that she with all her big-heartedly say "have a great life and congratulations" of her ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend.

Unconditional Love (?). Between parents and Children?. Eva Tarida image. Eva Tarida Blog

And do you guys think that paragraph above really explains "Unconditional Love?." I could barely say NO. No matter how loving you are, no matter how deep you love someone, how big your love to them, how great your sacrifice to your loved ones (whoever they are), I still can say it is NOT an unconditional love. Wh? As easy as this, answer these questions, you say yo love him/her, but when they hurt you do you still get mad and say your anger? When they left you, do you feel very hurt and write some nice and easy love poems to remind them how great you both were, how big your sacrifices were? Isn't that you love them because they were chasing you, saying all great things about you you were seduced and then loved them back? Isn't that you love them because they were on your "my type of ideal boyfriend/girlfriend"? And soooo many other questions.

Do you now understand why I did say that I believe no man could have done this Unconditional Love. No one. Only GOD who is able to do that. Period.

Quote of my life: Je suis condamné à être libre - Jean Paul Sartre


  1. "Do you now understand why I did say that I believe no man could have done this Unconditional Love. No one. Only GOD who is able to do that. Period."

    You may have to revise that phrase dear Eva. Buddhist monks ARE training to have an unconditional love to everyone. I believe some of the masters had already acquired such feat. It doesn't have anything to do with religion, okay? I'm just trying to tell you that unconditional love does exist within some men! =)

    (btw it's greater unconditional love than you might think. It's an unconditional love to everyone, not just one person!)

  2. Hi Paulus.
    It's a great info you gave me that I ain't gonna miss it.
    First, yes, I confirm that it's Unconditional love for everyone I was talking about (the examples were for 1 person to show that we can't even do it to one person) Then, It really is NOT related to any kind of religion :)

    I am not defending myself, just wanna share more about my opinion, what do you think, so IMO, I guess, Yes, they are trained to have one. But since I never really met the real Monk in my life, so i can't say furthermore. Perhaps, there are still whys and because(s), and PERHAPS, things on their mind (as they are still human) Please correct me if I'm wrong.
    And why did I put GOD as the only one who can do this Unconditional Love, because no matter how screw we are, don't care we are a priest or a murderer, we still can breath-free and live. Proof how God loves us (God in any religion. The ONE who we believe in, we hold on to, we praise and worship :D )
    We, human could try to love someone or more unconditionally, but still, we are a human. And no human is perfect :)

    I also remember, that "trained to become a Monk" have to done several steps (like: meditation, throw away lust, hunger, etc) and IMO it'd bring them some level above ordinary people, am I right?.
    So, I guess your valuable info above might be suitable too.

    Guess, I'll get along with my Buddhist friend s now to have some enjoyable discussion about this.

    Thanks so much for the input :D


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