Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Again, Trip to Jogja

The Family at Borobudur Temple
perhaps I should talk to my daddy personally, and get to know why he loved to go to Jogja.. You know, it's been the third Eid Holiday we went to Jogjakarta! Oh-Wow...
When we did the other 2? At 2009 Eid, and 2008 Eid Holiday. Clear already?

Lagu "Bang Toyib" itu sepertinya bisa kugubah sedikit, lah..
"3 kali Lebaran, kami ke Jogja slaluuu...."

This time holiday wasn't so special. What else can I say.. 3 years aligned been there.. hahaaaa..But really, still have a really fun there :) This time, we went to Parangtritis (which didn't happen in other 2 holiday before :p ). And thx God, I got tanned!!! OH MY.....
Playing with the Waves at Parangtritis Beach

We are all 7 together, my Dad, my Mom, me and two sisters, my Boyfriend, then my close friend, Boby. Thanks to Prangtritis again, so Boby lost his glasses! haha twas all his fault actually.. no one will ever suggest you to playing with big waves with the glasses on! Am I right? :)
Beside this South Beach, the other destinations were still the same, such as Borobudur temple, Prambanan Temple, Monumen Jogja Kembali, Kraton, and others.
Andong Vacay at Parangtritis Beach
 What I dislike from this time holiday was the rain! this rain always came on evening. And guess what, we missed all the nighty fun! :( too bad...
Kereta Kencana, Salah Satu Kereta di Museum Kereta, Jogja

one night, we were planned to go to Malioboro, actually our last night there. For the weather on day was good, so we went to Malioboro at the evening. and VOILA.. rain dropped again... OH MY! because of that, the traffic jam suddenly along with us! see.. from the hotel to Malioboro (which is just 15 min trip) become 2 hours!! For just a parking lot...!! Imagine..
Night was already late, and we missed certain things we actually ran after that last night..
after few hours there, we decided to drove back hotel. We stopped at a minimart and, yuhuuu a small earthquake said "hello".. well, that's new! haha..
Thx God the earthquake just about 15 seconds, and almost unfelt..
The Family with the Giant Gong

alright then, our last day was to visit Prambanan temple, the Hindu's Temple. I always amazed by these 2 temples (Borobudur and Prambanan). In my very own Opinion, These temples worth a lot more to become World Wonders than just an Eiffel! I mean it! I mean, take a look at their sizes, their ages, their years of made!! much more better!!!
Prambanan Temple

enough for grumbling..
and we took 14 hours to reached Surabaya... HAHA! ;)
wonder will daddy take us again to Jogja for 2011 Eid Holiday?? We'll see...

Photos courtessy : Eva Tarida / Eunike Narulita

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