Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Make New Friends Here

Friends... except you are an anti-social person, you DO really need friend. At least one. :)
And for me, the key for survive in every different and new area/environment/community is with make friends. At least one. :) But if you are an expert on this division (friends-making-division) then it'll be superb if we can make friends to everybody insight.
And.. here I am, at my new Office, as an Internal Marketing. I'm a very newbie in this part of working. My previous experiences were not talked about these kind of things at all..
But, here it comes, thanks to my Sanguine personality, I can make new friends here. At least, at this moment there are 4 people I love to spend times in office with. And they are kindly helping me out about things I confuse at, or else I don't have any idea at all at.

photo of Ko Nano,Ce Anita, and Ko Irvin
Let me mention them one by one, the first,of course Ce Meli, the one who I replacing :) She is so patient during my training and still allow me to ask her via BBM or phone about thing or two that I don't know. She resigned because she wanna get new experience in another Mill, while she got a better offering also I guess :)
Next is Ko Yogi. Instead of he is full of spirit, he is so patient also. During his visit to Mills with our principal, I still able to reach him via phone or BBm or SMS. fyuuhhh... :)
Then here is Ko Irvin. He was one of in my division (paper division), but then he moved to another division. He is 30 Yo, but at the time you see him, you'll think he is probably 25 or something. But 30??oh Gos! you really should see him!hahaaa. He is very nice and kind. Lots of smile! Almost all the time. He helps me a lot. Sometimes he stop doing his work and come to me to help me.
And then Ko Nano, his name is Yudha Stefano, but we usually call him Nano. He do the DOs, so after I finish my SO, I give it to him and he do the DO (a permission to call out the product we wanna deliver). I cooperate a lot with him.
and here is Ce Nita. A Little woman. Cutie-like, but she is married!haha get off you lonely boys!! :) She is very nice, patient, and gentle. She is doing the import division. So, yes, I also work with her :)
And there are more like Mbak Denny, Mbak Anik, Mbak Ririn, Cik Lisa, Bu Angeline (my interviewer), Pak Willy (the Director), and so on.. :)

photo of Mbak Anik and Mbak Denny :)
Hope I'll enjoy more and more working in this office.


  1. wah.. kalo kamu sih mau dilepas ke mana aja pasti sek isa golek konco. :D
    mau kumpulan penyamun, pencemooh, tah orang gila, semua isa jadi koncomu kok. :D :D :D
    sukses ya va sama dunia barunya.. keep in touch, okey!
    i'll be back in 2 years, and i hope, later we can work together in any kind of professional working type. :D

  2. heheee.. Thanks.. Anyway.. Who is Arial? Valen,kah?

  3. iya va ini aku. ada 2 id. arial itu khusus quote2. hoho

  4. owalaaahhh.. gaya kauuu.. hahhaa
    okelaah.. sip!! selamat berjuang yah :)


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